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What is Quiero?

People who believe in that they do and do it a through a marketing consultant specializing in Sustainability.

We like to define marketing as "one tool that invites a decision ." For us , the decision is clear: save the world, that is, enjoy it, take care and respect . Therefore, we only work on projects that have a common goal to ours.

And these are the people behind Quiero:




Jose Illana, Founder & Partner

Jose Illana / Founder & Partner 

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Jose is a marketing and advertising professional who developed his career in agencies that specialise in the communications field (ABT, BTL, public relations) such as Wunderman, Grey, FCB, Kitchen or Humana. He is also a board member of the Fundación Renovables (Renewables Foundation, in English), whose objective is to promote renewable energies. One day Jose realised he had spent too long telling people about the possibility of doing things differently and ran the risk of becoming a bore.


Sandra Pina, Partner, Innovation & Research DirectorSandra Pina / Partner & Sustainable Brands Madrid Director

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Sandra comes from the world of marketing and innovation in fmcg multinationals. In Kellogg's, she enjoyed creating marketing innovation for the subsequent years in the cereal industry in Europe. She also worked in Kellog's as a director for household names such as Special K, All-Bran or Cornflakes. At Danone she was based in London and Barcelona as manager of such well renowned brands as Dan'up or Lea&Perris while creating future generations of yoghurt such as vegetable-based and anti-cholesterol products. While she enjoyed the work immensely, all her hard work remained within the four walls of the company and its investors. One day she realised that it was care for her work to reach a wider audience and she now works with us because she "wants" to take charge of the Innovation and Knowledge areas of our company. Sandra is also an associate professor of innovation, marketing and market research at the Instituto de Empresa and others recognized Business schools.


Paz Ugarte, Partner & Diálogos en La Granja DirectorPaz Ugarte / Partner & Diálogos en La Granja Director

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Paz is an economist. However her career has led her towards the communications and marketing fields which, while she has not had the same level of training, she enjoys far more. She began her professional career as an auditor in Deloitte and she went into public banking. Further down the line she joined Argentaria and, finally, was incorporated into the BBVA group. She has shared a number of management roles in BBVA in areas such as the Shareholder's Club, Private Banking, Corporate Vision and Culture, Human Resources and the Centre for Innovation. She is a collaborating partner in 'Quiero' since its foundation in 2008 and General Manager of the debate forum Diálogos en La Granja.


Laura_FerreLaura Ferré / Project Manager

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With a bachelor’s degree in International Business Economics, and after living in Barcelona, Sao Paulo and London, Laura has realized that things are starting to be done differently.

Passionate about the the idea of “doing business while doing good”, she embarked on her career in this sector at Ashoka UK and now, she is part of the incredible team of Quiero, managing projects like Gira Coca-Cola Project, among others.


Luis Tamayo director conocimiento QuieroLuis Tamayo / Director of Knowledge

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Sociologist who grew professionally in strategic research and analysis of tendencies applied to marketing. In 2008, fascinated by the collaborative trend, he turned his career to dedicate himself to implementing economics and collaborative culture in organizations.

He aims to facilitate the transition of companies to the collaborative and digital world, through platform-communities, to help build authentic brands and models that integrate work and collaborative culture in organizations, in Quiero he finds the ideal space to fulfill his purpose.


Miriam TorresMiriam Torres / Communications

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Miriam is graduated in Journalism and Film, Television and Media and Journalistic, Institutional and Business Communication. The work she practices and her professional start took off in the Repsol Foundation in the field of Corporate Responsibility (CSR) in the areas of social action and corporate volunteering.

At the end of this learning she began her career in "Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing" where she worked for four years as a project manager or account executive in campaigns that help build a better world. After a personal break she returned to Quiero in 2016.


Nadia VelascoNadia Velasco / Project Executive

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Her professional career has been dedicated to projects that promote social change. Moving into the Non-Profit Sector, she explored CSR, Social Investment and Corporate Volunteering, allowing her to have a deep understanding of the needs and challenges faced by companies when contributing to the economic, social and environmental causes.

Her desire to explore the world while being involved in new social projects took her to the UK, Costa Rica and Kuwait. Motivated by a vision of shared value, creation of alliances and dialogue with stakeholders in order to maximize social impact, she joins Quiero in 2018, ready to give all her worth to sustainability.


Patricia ValdesPatricia Valdés / Consulting Manager

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Biologist specialized in the marine field, decides to jump to the company world focusing her professional work on sustainability and innovation.
She has worked in the field of consulting and business development, having worked at PwC - Madrid as a consultant, as well as project manager for the Global Center for Sustainable Business of the University of Deusto (Bilbao). She has also been very closely linked to the world of technological and digital innovation thanks to her professional experience in several technology start-ups in Bilbao. She joins Quiero team contributing with her vision and experience in sustainability & innovation within the consulting area.


Isabel LadrónIsabel Ladrón Arroyo / Project Executive

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Isabel Ladrón is graduated in Journalism and Film, Television and Media Studies with a Minor in Economics. Some seasons in France, Italy and India have given her training an international dimension that she continues to develop in her vision of global society as something as rich and diverse as it is challenging. After several experiences in media, she has worked as a professor of Feminism and Gender Studies at UNAN-Managua University in Nicaragua and as a European Project Manager in third sector entities.

Convinced of the social responsibility of communication and immersed in an infinite process of learning, she finds in project management the ideal way to merge her skills with her energy and willingness to positive change. As part of the Quiero team, she works, among other things, on the GIRA Jóvenes Coca-Cola project.


Our philosophy

Our desire is to use reputational marketing as a means for creating sustainable, ethical and profitable dialog among organisations, or brand names, and their stakeholders, so that these entities may make decisions which add value to all the interested parties, thereby consolidating mutual trust and increasing profits.

The eight C's (as they are known in Spanish) seek to bring the opportunities, actions, processes and messages that are behind any business in line with one simple objective: to promote trust. In order to achieve this, efforts must be concentrated on the areas that complement this model: quality, knowledge, coherence, credibility, creativity, consistency and commitment. In Spanish, trust, quality and knowledge are confianza, calidad and conocimiento, hence the 8 C'c.

Our methodology stems from one fundamental premise: development within a responsible, sustainable approach to business. Implementing this model into businesses can help with either the strategic design or redesign of the business as well as with more functional aspects of a business, such as product launches.


Our credentials



Our corporate culture

Our corporate culture is reflected in the vision, mission and values developed by people who strive for Quiero.


We want to become the meeting point for everyone who values sustainability.


We are a creative solutions company specialising in communications, innovation and research to promote sustainable development for organisations and their stakeholders.


Opening: Because encouraging participation and dialogue makes us better.

Rigour: Because we demand improvement in all our processes.

Commitment: Because we are committed to what we do.

Innovation: Because we work with others to seek new ways of doing things.

Excitement: Because we are excited about what we do and that inspires us.

Coherence: Because we believe in what we do despite our contradictions.

Our commitments with stakeholders

Our commitments are based on policies and procedures that we apply to make our vision and mission a reality.

Clients: We want to share our vision and values with customers by actively listening to their concerns, providing win-win solutions and learning to help us improve.

Suppliers and collaborators: We want to promote a relationship involving our suppliers in the value chain of the services we offer to our customers.

Employees: We want to provide an environment of mutual trust, where we can share goals, where initiative, responsibility and individual talent development is encouraged.

Environment: We want to develop our business in a way that respects the environment by implementing best practices in sustainability and efficiency in our processes to minimise the environmental impact generated by our processes.

Society: We want to be a social company committed to society and especially to the local community.


Calle Maria Juana, 20
28039 Madrid. España

tel: +34 915 193 705
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