What do you want to do with your life?


This is the name of the ultimate adventure in which we have embarked from Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing . An idea we have been maturing for over two years and thanks to our friends Global Shapers - that have endorsed it - we have raised beside the research studio Two Much.

Maybe life has always been like this. Perhaps our professional dimension has always prevailed over our more personal self. Maybe if I ask you who you are, you just tell me you are a manager or a directive of ...
or a lawyer, a carpenter, a pianist, an accountant ... In these years of an open tomb in which we live, where the crisis has taken many homes, careers and dreams ahead of us we have been transmitted with mediocre
insistence that much of the responsibility was ours.

The indecent unemployment rates that have shaken our youth are caused by school dropouts, by choosing careers with few job opportunities or by simply having studied a career. If they are still unemployed it is because they have not decided to launch something: Elevator picht, funding round accelerators, incubators, business angels, Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurs ...

Many companies have jumped on the bandwagon of youth empowerment, many companies have done this unwittingly - I'm sure of it - they are contributing to influence a successful model, a business model, a way of life, away from our everyday reality. A reality that for some reason has decided that it is ugly, misplaced, or simply not a trending topic.

Why do we reward, incentivize, flatter, peak a young man who wants to start a business in the environment of big data and why do we forget, undervalue, reject and ignore a young man who wants to borrow money to buy a second-hand van and start earning life as a delivery man.

What do you want do with your life? It is the ride in a motorhome with group of young people that are going to ask other young people what they want to do with their lives. Four weeks touring Spain with microphones and cameras to portray a sense. Their from them. We may not realize it but we are still very weighed saying how things have to be, what to think and how we should be. We should be silent, listen and let do.

What do you want do with your life? - For those who want - it is an invitation to devote a little time on the preciousness of life and the sovereignty you have over it. The  Sustainable Brands Barcelona meeting is not long ago - that we lead from Quiero - where a great part of the conversation revolved around the "Purpose" of companies: What do they feel should be their legacy? How do they want to contribute from their business to help make our society better? More and more companies begin to wonder, too, what they want to do with their life.
We want to save the world by doing marketing . It seems wonderful to us.




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