Revolution of the Needles



It is no secret that the fashion industry has a hidden less glamorous side apart from what we see on the runways; knowing that to produce 250 grams of cotton (as needed for a single shirt) 2700 liters of water are needed, or that 20% of the toxic waste that is produced and are thrown into rivers come from the textile industry, or the shocking news that reach us from the textile mills in the Third World, is giving us a more realistic view of the sector, as we realize that as consumers we are part of this gear.

This reality confronts a trend: the increasingly visible, small collections, customizing old clothes and return to the sewing at home. This symbol of a growing social environmental sensitivity seems, as something new for us, but for other reasons it was already part of our history.

Along with many of the shops that represent the ultimate expression of the fashion industry is Plaza de Pontejos with shops of fabrics, buttons, lace, ... Pontejos has seen for decades and decades thousands of customers passing as they have come to this small businesses to shape their private collections. We want to unite past and future, tradition and trend. Thimble and needle.



  • Raise awareness about the 3Rs model applied to textiles.

  • Help the consumer of textiles to connect more emotionally with their clothes so it helps them to revalue them instead of getting rid of them as easily as it is done today.

  • Use fashion as an "excuse" to raise awareness about responsible consumption and promoting social connection.

  • Search an intergenerational dialogue in a "useful" landmark.



We propose to the citizenship to be part of a fun, entertaining and peaceful revolution, a revolution that aims to bring together hundreds of seamstresses and apprentices in Plaza de Pontejos. Between stiches and stitches we enjoy a wonderful day and live in first person that we can revolutionize this no sense world of fashion and consume by enjoying, and in the same time taking care of the environment. Can you imagine that something as simple as repairing or helping others to repair their clothes or customize them can be a gesture for the planet?

On Saturday October 12th we invite the public to this free, fun and educational event in which we will test the ability to thread, create.. We invite you to search in your closets for clothes that need repair or thought discarded. Pontejos shops and sewing volunteers help give a new look adding something fun and different. Yes, upcycling technique in Pontejos.

Throughout the day we will enjoy workshops to learn sewing from the scratch, like threading a needle to sew a button or make a hem.

To ensure the necessary power supply of the sewing machines participating in the program we will collaborate with Cycle Lab, a group that creates energy with mobile generators through bicycles.


Calle Maria Juana, 20
28039 Madrid. España

tel: +34 915 193 705
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