Diálogos en La Granja

Diálogos en la Granja

'Diálogos en La Granja' is a debating forum which we have developed with the strategic alliance of the CBS - IESE Business School.

The forum was conceived as a think tank for a group of professionals and organisations from the business and academic worlds with one common desire, namely, to promote the exchange of ideas, projects and concerns about sustainability and transparency in business among all the interest groups.

The forum is organised in the form of on-site meetings of professionals whose conclusions are shared among the interest groups and via social networks in order to mobilise enthusiasm and attitudes favourable to the sustainable development of our planet.

'Diálogos en La Granja', conceived in the form of action-oriented meetings, is the unequivocal commitment of Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing to its business mission and its vision of the world of marketing as "a tool that aids decision-making".


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