Ayuntamiento de Madrid - Madrid Emprende


Madrid Emprende, which is part of the Madrid City Council, wished to identify better ways to define, administer and advertise its busniness incubators.


Application of our knowledge model across the board.


  • Initial identification of 25 groups of stakeholders.
  • Selection of 4 types of priority stakeholder: busniness incubators managers, busniness incubators employees, pre-incubator employees y university students.
  • Measurement of the level of satisfaction of the busniness incubators among each of the relevant stakeholders groups and study of specific aspects of these satisfaction levels.
  • Development of potential action lines.
  • Measure the increase in satisfaction resulting from each of the proposed action lines and selection of those actions which produced the greatest increase in the level of satisfaction amongst the stakeholders in order to design the final proposed action plan.


A relevant action plan that significantly increases satisfaction among the relevant stakeholder groups.

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