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For more than a decade, Grupo VIPS has intensively worked in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, in particular, on issues of volunteering and socio-occupational integration. Currently, CSR in the company is structured under three different action levels: people, wellbeing and community. Specifically, tools and resources are provided to engage people and support them to become active drivers of changes and initiatives.


Mesa para todos (Table for all) is a new internal communication strategy of Grupo VIPS, in order to engage even more the team in their Corporate Social Responsibility program and activities.


Mesa para todos (Table for all) is a platform that plays with imagination, identifying the table as an icon for inclusion and people meeting.

Around this table, the aim is to have an active participation of all stakeholders.

The initiative also provides an opportunity to graphically joint attractive, iconic and ownable graphic pieces, designed specifically for Vips employees.

A plate, a  smoothie… the different pieces created for each step of the strategy establish a direct link with the table concept and the possibility to inform and communicate in a clear and interesting way.

In 2013 we also collaborated with Grupo VIPS in the design, development and dissemination of its Corporate Responsibility Report 2012, in digital magazine format. In addition, we have developed the concept and platform Nuestra Plaza (Our Market), an internal market place to buy and sell secondhand goods between employees.

In 2014 we took a step further in the concept of Social Responsibility Report, projecting a platform Juntos Creando Valor (Creating value together), a dynamic online site collected the top ratings CSR Group along 2013 .

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