Fundación Secretariado Gitano - Gente Profesional

Professional people, FSG



Acceder program (Access program) for training and employment of FSG is recognized as a success at national and European level, when it comes to social and work integration of the Gypsy community.

However, the Foundation was striving to excellence: it was time to review their strengths and areas for improvement, together with an outstanding team of FSG professionals. The objective was to be closer to companies, a key pillar of FSG strategy.


• Concept of the initiative: Gente Profesional (Professional People)

• Dialogue and co-creation workshops with companies

• Drawing Conclusions and Commitments for the next future of Acceder

• Presentation ceremony of the initiative and commitments

• Editorial and graphic content at the website

• Documentaries Vidas profesionales (Professional Life) with workers of the Gypsy community

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