Cruz Roja - En realidad no tiene gracia


To convince businesses, and society in general, of the importance of breaking down the barriers that make entry into the workplace more problematic for people in difficult social situations.


Development of the 'En realidad no tiene gracia' concept and campaign, with the collaboration of popular humorists such as Forges, Gomaespuma, Flo, etc. Specifically oriented toward the organisations target population, as well as society as a whole.

We have participated in the campaign 'En realidad no tiene gracia' in blog publishing and managing your online community.

Since the area of innovation have been organized and energized five tables dialog between business and technical / os employment of the entity in different territorial assemblies.



  • 41,000 visits to the web site in 12 months. 
  • 2,230 social media profiles. 
  • A 52.94% share of the sustainability, communication and social action sector. 
  • Over 50 million media hits.  
  • 96 vignettes presented by members of the public.

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