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 Moha, Aroha & Rober, working in Pablo Alboran Tour


Proyecto Gira is a multidisciplinary platform dedicated to youth at risk of exclusion. Music, performing arts and practical training come together in this platform, with the purpose of feeding the passion of these youngsters.


Through the idea, development, implementation and communication of this project we try to highlight and link two projects of the brand, Coca-Cola Music Experience and ‘Plan Integra’. The goal of this project, called ProyectoGira, is to create jobs and provide an opportunity to feed the passion of young people through work practices.


During the summer of 2012, through a national tour accompanying Carlos Jean Live Experience: on that occasion the participants had the opportunity to travel throughout Spain with the technical team and learned about the various professions that are needed on a musical tour. Production, lighting, sound, merchandising, photo-video, or even waste recycling…all these were the areas in which the participants lived closely the passion to work in the fascinating world of professional concert tours.

  • Group of 14 youngsters, between 18 and 22 years, selected through Coca-Cola Integra Plan.

During 2013, several groups have participated in different projects: working in the areas of sound, lighting, audio-visual equipment, security, public relationships, props, tailoring, characterization and production.

  • The musical A quién le importa: 12 youngsters
  • Aires de Zarzuela: 4 participants
  • Coca-Cola football Coup: 9 learners
  • Summer Tour Pablo Alborán 4 boys and 2 girls
  • Royal Theatre (September to December): 10 youngsters

Throughout 2014, we continued to support them to build their passion:

  • Madrid Fusión: 3 apprentice waiters
  • Theatrical techniques for youth empowerment: 52 young people
  • Introductory course in performing arts: 16 girls and boys
  • Work experience in the Canal Theatre (April-June): 10 apprentices
  • Music Experience Concerts in theatres: 3 girls and 2 boys
  • Production Assistants in the Coca-Cola Cup: 10 athletes
  • Buero de Teatro Theatre Awards: 2 boys
  • Production assistants in TrendCycle: 10 apprentices
  • Production Assistants in the presentation event of the "Tour": 9 girls and boys
  • Music Experience Concert: 16 workers
  • Coach Leader Volunteers

In addition, editorial and audio-visual reporting of all activities are broadcasted through the Web.

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