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Estudio investigacion bici urbana


Bike Promotion in Madrid.

In 2013 we led the launch of a project shared by Coca-Cola and the City Council of Madrid to promote the use of bicycles in the city of Madrid, within its commitment to promote healthy lifestyles through promoting physic activities.


In "Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing"  we seek to be the junction point between all those who want to value sustainability. That is why we promoted the contact between the two organizations, placing value on the power that both had on the issue and the strength and influence that they could achieve by working together to promote the use of bicycles in the city.

All organizations have the power to run significant changes in the community in which they operate, contributing to its improvement. So, big brands like Coca-Cola can become citizen brands, integrated into its environment and causing a positive impact on society.


Strategy of a public-private partnership between the three organizations for the implementation of initiatives to promote the use of bicycles in the city.


Before implementing concrete campaigns to encourage citizenship it was considered essential to understand how the bike is used, what are its perceived advantages and disadvantages, which bicycle users can be identified and what its drivers and barriers are according to its usage. Therefore, we conducted a research process with the following steps:

  • First Quiero carried out a study compilation intended to systematize the knowledge available through the City Council of Madrid, about the use of bicycles in the city. More than 45 studies, reports and documents were analyzed to form an actionable and useful report on the status and the use of bicycles in Spain.
  • Based on the lessons learned from the study of compilation, a co-creation workshop was conducted that aim was to pass through a first segmentation of citizens according to their relation to the bicycle in the city. The workshop was attended by municipal technicians, members of initiatives associated with the bicycle from the view of the public, companies and groups of journalists; professionals, external consultants and experts in mobility, environmental communication professionals, staff of Coca-Cola and Quiero salvar el mundo haciendo marketing.
  • Finally, to confirm and quantify these segments there was conducted a quantitative research which allowed us to quantify and separate the citizenship in groups based on two dimensions: the social dimension and the personal dimension that is given to the the use of bicycles. You can view the executive summary of the research here. This report was presented at the conference “Cities and Bicycles”.

These three steps have allowed us to acquire knowledge that will help us to implement activities, initiatives and campaigns to promote the use of the bicycle to get around the city for the citizens of Madrid . 

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