Asociación Semilla - Sin caducidad



The formal education model does not work for everyone. There are motivated young people who want to learn and develop through technology in a context where a mistake is a step towards success and they need structures and contexts where they can develop their potential. p>


We have developed a proof of concept that shows that motivated young people can create global solutions to existing problems. We have created a concept called “Sin Caducidad” ("No Expiration") that helps reduce food waste. Young people have created a solution to remind people of the fresh products that are about to expire and that we can consume them in time.


During the first half of 2014 we conducted three design thinking workshops in order to find ideas to reduce food waste. At the end of the workshops we chose the idea that would provide additional training for youth and supposed the greatest impact on the solution. Later we developed the solution using the most innovative technologies like Arduino, 3D printing and video mapping.

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